Boxing & Fitness Classes


All of our classes and programs are designed specifically to push our members to achieve their goals. At Endgame we are of the ideology that reaching a goal is a short term concept that they continue to build on. Therefore we create our top notch programming with each of you and your goals in mind. We want to make sure you set a goal, crush it and look towards the next – “the bigger picture” of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. 




If you’ve taken one of our classes, you’ll know how amazing our instructors are – full of energy, highly knowledgeable and passionate. This is your opportunity to train with them 1 on 1. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your boxing or get stronger our instructors can help you achieve your goal with a customized session focused on you.

Endgame helps build a strong and healthy life.


Each one of our classes is designed to provide an environment where everyone will learn, compete and challenge one another. Our passion is to see our community grow into the best versions of themselves by being accountable. Our goal is to get our members to reach their full fitness potential in both mind and body.

Inclusive Environment

We are a place for everyone to come train and be healthy. We use boxing and strength training as a means to help grow our community and empower everyone to become healthier!

Professional Trainers

All our trainers go through a rigorous training program ensuring they meet the Endgame values and have the expertise to get you to your goal!

Here when you need us

Our hours are set to help the greatest number of people as possible and we are available to help you reach your goals!


"Geoff’s workouts are by far the best and hardest workouts. For the past two years, he has continued to motivate me to continue to be the best version of myself. "


Marisa C

"I went to Geoff wanting to learn more about boxing and, at least, get a basic understanding. Well, I got that AND more! My attitude about fitness has completely changed after working with Geoff for the last 8 months. I turned into a person that was excited to “get to” workout, rather than feeling like I “had to.” In addition to overall feeling healthier and more confident, I was able to shed several inches and tone muscles I didn’t even know existed!! His well-designed virtual & in-person classes, as well as PT sessions, ranging from full body conditioning, strength training, running, and boxing demonstrate his expansive experience and knowledge in the fitness industry. Team General Fitness’ dedication to help you become the best version of yourself is what will keep you coming back for more- both virtually and in-person! Don’t hesitate, just do it- NOW IS GOOD!"


Claire S

"I started working out with Geoff in July to get ready for my wedding the following March. I have always had a hard time losing weight but by OCTOBER I had reached my goal!! I was shocked, it was incredible. His workouts are challenging, but obtainable and super fun! We've done boxing, strength, cardio, tread - he can really do it all across the board. He's super creative and uses a variety of different equipment to mix it up for every workout, you will never be bored. He's a great guy and a lot of fun, I really enjoy our workouts, and for me that is the key to why I have stuck with it ever since (a year later)! I've tried a lot of workouts over the years and by far have seen the best results with Geoff!"


Kate M


Geoffrey J. Mcbride (aka “The General”) is the visionary and owner behind Endgame Boxing and Fitness. He got his start as a collegiate Track and Field D1 athlete. After his college career, Geoffrey coached at the high school and collegiate level before taking his love of fitness and making it his passion and life’s work in gyms across the Tri-State area. He has been an instructor who has held multiple management positions within the fitness industry for over 20 years working within a variety of different environments.

Throughout his years of teaching he has been given the moniker of “The General”,as he has a specific teaching style focused on bringing the best out of each individual he works with. He is very well established with certifications in boxing, strength and running (ACE, USATF Level I, Boxfit, USA Boxing, AAAI/ISMA) he is able to provide the highest caliber of programming and creativity with an infatuating energy.

“Finally, A Gym Culture Where Everyone is Welcome And  Where everyone works hard!

We will provide the tools (classes, instruction, motivation, etc.) to our members so they can become the “architect’ of their Endgame goals. The ultimate Endgame for us is to be able to give our members an invaluable experience that they can incorporate into their everyday routine.

“Finally, A Gym Culture Where Everyone is Welcome And  Where everyone works hard!