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Make a Change


Each one of our classes is designed to provide an environment where everyone will learn, compete and challenge one another. Our passion is to see our community grow into the best versions of themselves by being accountable. Our goal is to get our members to reach their full fitness potential in both mind and body. 

The difference


All of our classes and programs are designed specifically to push our members to achieve their goals. At Endgame we are of the ideology that reaching a goal is a short term concept that they continue to build on. Therefore we create our top notch programming with each of you and your goals in mind. We want to make sure you set a goal, crush it and look towards the next – “the bigger picture” of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. 


We will provide the tools (classes, instruction, motivation, etc.) to our members so they can become the “architect’ of their Endgame goals. The ultimate Endgame for us is to be able to give our members an invaluable experience that they can incorporate into their everyday routine.


What do I need to bring?

You can bring water, sweat towel if you are taking conditioning classes. Gloves and wraps if you are taking Boxing classes but we do provide and sell those items at our facility as well.

I've never boxed, will I be able to keep up?

Of course!! All of our Boxing classes are designed to help our members be able to learn if they are brand new and progress if they are a more veteran Boxer. We also offer a class called “The Basics”, which will help get you comfortable with Boxing.

What does my membership include?

We have a few different options when it comes to membership. Each option makes sure you get exactly what you need. Whether you want to take the full class offering or just the ones that fit your goals, we will work with you. Sign up for a class or set up a tour and we can discuss what option is best for you.

What kind of shoes do I wear?

You can wear whatever athletic shoe wear that you chose to bring… Just as long as you are not barefoot.

Is there an age limit to work out?

To participate in our classes you need to be 18 and over.

Are there drop in rates for class?

Yes there are drop in rates for most of our class offerings, but there are classes only exclusive to members.