Oftentimes, boxing is seen as a man’s sport because of its aggressive and combative nature. However, a large number of women are seen entering the ring and competing and even more women are enjoying it as a form of exercise.

This Article will not talk about why it is an exciting sport for women to try, but more so the benefits that the sport can bring to women specifically.

Boxing is not only highly effective for physical conditioning but also has psychological benefits.

Why Should Women Learn to Box? 

Boxing is an exciting sport. The euphoric feeling you get when your punches hit on the punching bag is difficult to explain unless you’ve tried it yourself. For this reason many women (as well as men) quickly develop a fire and passion for the sport, even if they don’t plan to compete for a championship.

One reason some women are reluctant to give the sport a try is because they want nothing to do with violence, however boxing should never be related to violence. The professional boxers you see on screen, spar using their skills and experience keeping aside the emotions while Endgame Boxing and Fitness specifically doesn’t spar at all. In fact, Research has shown that it actually serves to do the opposite by diverting young people from engaging in criminal activities.

Having fun while working out typically correlates with an easier time sticking to a workout plan long term. And since boxing is such a fun and exciting sport, it’s easy to believe that it becomes a lifestyle for people.

The Sport comes with a vast variety of physical and mental benefits as well, some of which we will outline below:

  1. It’s a sport that tones and sculpts

Boxing is a sport with regular, repeated movements, which naturally over time promotes muscle toning. Whether you’re learning striking techniques, how to move correctly, or doing fitness exercises such as push-ups, squats and crunches, your entire body is put to work and progressively toned: the arms, abs, legs, and glutes, etc.‍

  1. It is a high intensity sport, and burns a large number of calories

It’s a sport where you’ll quickly start to sweat. You can burn hundreds of calories in one hour of boxing. Of course it depends on your level of intensity, the type of exercise, your base level of fitness, and your weight. This can put you in a calories deficit, promoting weight loss.

  1. You’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness

Because boxing is a high intensity sport, it is extremely good for your cardiovascular health and can improve your heart rate, which helps strengthen your heart muscles. Boxing is also a sport that combines intensity and recovery. Whether you’re working with a punching bag, sparring or using a skipping rope, this interval training gradually increases your endurance and with that your cardiovascular fitness.

  1. You’ll become stronger

Boxing actively strengthens your muscles. Your arms and legs get stronger, of course, but it’s your core in particular that benefits – not just the abdominals, but also the back and hips. A strong core will help you hold out longer as you train, perfect your technique, and improve your posture, as well as the precision of your movements.‍ Boxing can easily be considered a full body workout!

  1. You’ll feel better

Exercise is a great way to produce endorphins, the hormones that give a feeling of well-being. What better way to relax than by hitting a punching bag after a trying day?

Learning the striking, dodging and footwork techniques also makes boxing an excellent way to improve your self-confidence. If you let it, this sport is one that will push your limits, which increases your physical and mental endurance.

Cardio-boxing, which we at Endgame Boxing and Fitness offer, involves no sparring whatsoever, but still gives you the physical and emotional benefits of boxing. Even if you do take part in sparring, it’s you and your partner who decide what intensity you want to train at.   ‍

Boxing is a physical sport that quickly works your muscles and gets your heart rate up, doing this at your own pace is important to maintain a fun yet effective workout routine. If you’re just starting out, start gradually and listen to your body until it tells you that you can take the next step. Because you’re going to use up your energy and sweat a lot, make sure you’ve got some fast-acting carbs available and keep yourself hydrated. 

Hopefully you can now see that boxing is a sport with multiple benefits. Each benefit reinforces the others.

If you decide to give it a try, know that you can always get a free trial class on our website.

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