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Fun and effective small group classes!




Learn how to hit like a boxer while you burn a lot of calories at the same time! In this class members will learn how to crush the heavy bag through guided instruction by a certified boxing instructor. This high intensity class will have you execute combinations, bodyweight exercises and footwork drills. Expect to let it all out on the bag while increasing your stamina and endurance!

Fight Night

Get ready for a true fighting experience! In this class members will use various boxing tools such as mitts, heavy bags, etc. to upgrade their skills and get them ready for the ring. Certified boxing instructors will lead you through various boxing drills and techniques to sharpen your boxing skills. This class will provide you with in-depth background on the sport of boxing while teaching and training as boxers do. 


Don’t just GET strong .. Learn how to BE strong! This themed class is all about how to improve your muscular strength.  Each week members will work various muscle groups by using a combination of weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, etc) as well as their own body weight. Your goal is our goal.. so lets get stronger together!

Glute to Core

“Every Season is Booty Season”!! In this class work strictly on those Glutes while sprinkling in some solid core work. Class will work on growing and toning these important areas using bands, dumbbells etc! 


Looking to improve your cardio and your endurance? Look no further. Shred is the class for you! This class will consist of a heart pounding circuit style program which will use equipment such as dumbbells, ski ergs and  assault bikes. Members will also use bodyweight and resistance training to burn those calories and improve your cardio.

The Basics

This introductory class is perfect for a beginner or those who just want a quick refresher! In this class members will learn real boxing technique; how to throw punches with the perfect form and the basic understanding of footwork. You will get the most out of all of your Endgame workouts by learning to execute combinations and movements properly, this is the best place to start! Remember “Your progress is our success”!

The Art of Padwork

Take your Boxing to the next level! Work with the instructor crushing combinations on the pads! Learn movement as well defensive and offensive skills with these combinations. Members will also learn to hold pads for others in class while learning proper calls and pad placement. 

The Best Small Group Classes Around



Our classes are intentionally kept to an intimate size so members can receive the attention they deserve. Every program will be unique to fit your needs and skills. An added bonus is that each can be taken from the classroom to your home so you can continue to keep working.

We Have Developed A Very Effictive Training Method



Our classes are made to keep you wanting more; they will have you excited, enthralled and maybe even exhausted at the end of them. They are tailored to ensure that a beginner feels welcomed, not intimidated and an advanced participant will feel at home, yet still challenged.

For Your Convenience



Whether you want to workout from home or while on vacation, you can be part of our virtual channel ANYWHERE. It will house both live and pre-recorded classes you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also purchase specialized programming from our virtual site. Workouts written by our instructors to help get started on a new routine or guidance on developing your skill.

Tracking Your Goals Will Help You Succeed



We don’t just talk about results, we get them! Members will have the ability to opt into our evaluation program. Each participant will receive 3 assessments, where they can test in 9 categories of fitness exercises. It is a great way to chart your progress and even receive rewards for your progress!

Come See Our Facility



Come take a look at our gym and talk to our trainers! We are here to guide you through the process!